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Pomfret-Eastford Little League Evaluation Process


Players are evaluated based on their league age.  Registering for a specific division does not automatically mean a player will be drafted to that division.  Baseball league age is the player’s age as of 4/30/15 for all players born on or before 4/30/2005, and the players age as of 12/31/2015 for all players born after 4/30/2005. Softball league age is the player’s age as of 12/31/14. 

T-Ball – League Age 4,5,6 (no evaluation required)

Coach Pitch – League Age 6,7,8 (age 6 require at least one year of T-ball prior to placement in Coach Pitch).  No evaluation required.

Minors – (Player Pitch) – League Age 8, 9, 10, 11 (An 8/9 year old may be placed in Coach Pitch.

Majors – (Player Pitch) – League Age 9, 10, 11, 12 (12 year olds are required to play Majors.   A 9/10 year old may be placed in Majors if they have played in Minors for at least one year and have the skill necessary to play at that level.)


The goal of PELL is provide the appropriate level of play for each child.  The maximum team size for Majors and Minors is 12 players.   

There will be four stations for all player evaluations.   There may be two optional stations for a player league age 9-12.


Throwing, Ground Balls, Fly Balls and Hitting.   There will be multiple evaluators at each station.   Evaluators will be made up of Board Members, past coaches and independent evaluators.   Station drills will be run by evaluators with assistance from high school students.

 Each station will provide multiple attempts and will be graded on the following scoring method.  At each station, the evaluators will explain what the expectations are and what they are looking for. 

  • 1:  Needs significant improvement:  player lacks the ability or proper mechanics to perform the task at hand.  Will require extensive coaching to become average.  Skill level is at the bottom of the group you are evaluating
  • 2:  Needs improvement:  Player might be just below average as far as mechanics or ability, but with instruction can perform at the level needed at this division.
  • 3:  Average Skills:  Player shows they are capable of performing the task.  Skill level in the middle of the group you are evaluating.  With coaching can improve.
  • 4:  Above Average Skills:  Player possess better athletic ability and shows good mechanics and strength.  
  • 5:  Exceptional Skills:  Player shows outstanding athletic ability and skills.  Very sound mechanically.  Player skill is at the top of the group you are evaluating.



Each player being evaluated will be throwing to a partner.   The player will be evaluated on technique throwing the ball, velocity and accuracy.   The evaluator will be looking for proper arm position, how accurately the ball is thrown and with how much velocity.


Ground Balls

Each player being evaluated will be hit several ground balls.   The player will be evaluated on proper technique for fielding a ground ball.    The player should move to the ball, have their glove down in the appropriate fashion, make a clean transfer after receiving the ball and make an accurate throw to the target.   The evaluator will take into account how hard the ball was hit and how it was fielded.    For example, a player will be given credit for missing the ball with their glove if they moved to the ball, were in the correct position, and were able to block the ball with their body.


Fly Balls

Each player will be hit or thrown several fly balls.   The player will be evaluated on technique used to properly track and catch a fly ball.    The player should have their glove in the correct position using both hands to secure the ball and transfer for an accurate throw.   Evaluators will be looking for how the player tracks and moves to the ball, where the glove is positioned as they receive the ball, how they transfer, and how they throw. 



Each player will get several pitches to hit.  The player will be evaluated on proper stance, “loading:” their swing, contact, and follow through.   Evaluators will be looking for proper stance, the ability to track the pitches and make good decisions on pitches that are balls.



There may be 2 optional stations for players league ages 9-12, pitching and catching.   Dependent on time we will have 2 stations that will allow those players who are interested to pitch and catch for the coaches present.   This is not required by any player but will allow the coaches to see the ability of players at these positions.