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If your child plans to move up a division, they must attend the Skills Evaluation. This is necessary so that balanced teams can be created and your child can experience a balanced, enjoyable, competitive environment.


Players must attend skill evaluations in order to be placed on a minor league or major league team.  Players returning to a major or minor league team do not need to attend.

Skill evaluations for all player will be held at:

Pomfret School (Lewis Gymnasium)
398 Pomfret St.
Pomfret Center, CT 06259

The Skills Evaluation is from 9am to 12pm and will be broken up into multiple sessions based on your players' League Age. Each session will last approximately one hour.

The following is the schedule based upon the player's Little League Age (please see chart on the home page) for baseball.

9 yrs old and younger 9am- 10:30am

10 yrs old and older - 10:30 - 12pm

Please arrive on-time at your Check-In time to sign in. Players should attend their Evaluation at the assigned time slot for their age. If you cannot arrive during your time slot please contact Jason Verraneault at president@pomfreteastfordll.org.

WHAT TO BRING: Bring only your glove, sneakers, and bat (if you have your own). NO CLEATS (Bats will be supplied at the hitting station if you don't have one).

WHAT TO EXPECT: Players will be divided into several groups and will rotate through stations performing different drills including infield, outfield, running, throwing, and hitting. Expect each session to last approximately 60 minutes. Please note that parents will not be allowed inside the Evaluation area.

WHAT IS SKILL EVALUATION: Skills Evaluation results are used by Pomfret Eastford Little League to help the Managers structure balanced teams. Skills Evaluation results are also used to determine which division is best for your child. Each player will receive a total score based on the different stations. These scores are used to rank players and help the Managers structure balanced teams. The scores are kept completely confidential and players/parents will not be told their scores or final results.

Players should do their best at each station to allow a fair evaluation.